About Us

Jason Cooper
Founder & Creative Director

Jason got his start in late 90s during the internet boom! When the boom imploded, he reluctantly became self-employed, which actually turned out to be the greatest thing and his passion for his business thrived. With a formal education in art with the thirst for technology, Jason loves the creative and technical sides of building websites.

Janea Taylor
Technical Director

Janea entered the IT field in 1999. In 2006, she changed her focus, obtained a degree in software development and became a full time software engineer. During her 10 years as a software engineer, she worked in a variety of environments and is passionate about working with others to create and manage positive team dynamics and effective process.

James Bowen
Digital Marketing Director

James is a digital marketer specializing in inbound marketing, pay-per-click advertising, SEO & SEM work (and more), James’s primary function is to utilize a holistic inbound marketing strategy to help businesses generate more online leads. He is a trusted Google Partner, is HubSpot Inbound Certified and a devout fan of WordPress.

Luke Smith
Lead Frontend Developer & UI/UX Designer

Hand Luke some design concepts with a code editor and he’s dangerous. He’s a passionate Front-End developer with a knack for subtle bells and whistles. When he’s not at his desk, you’ll find him charging in his Mini Cooper around the young town of Chattanooga with beef jerky in his gob.

David Olsen
Wordpress Developer & Project Manager

Dave is a Web developer with more than 20 years of programming experience. Since 2008 he has focused on WordPress and has developed hundreds of custom WordPress websites for clients around the globe. His speciality is building elegant solutions using off the shelf WordPress plugins and adding custom coding to fill in the missing functionality.

Sarah Sherman
Social Media Manager & Content Writer

With nearly a decade of experience in public relations, marketing and social media management, Sara works as a marketing consultant and contractor on various Cooper Design projects. She loves creating digital content that resonates with client audiences through creative wordsmithing and punchy copywriting.

Fahad Mehdi
Backend Developer & Project Manager

Fahad has over 10 years of Web development experience that covers a wide range of tools & technologies. Detail-oriented and thorough when tackling projects, Fahad confidently provides expert opinion and solutions and is always knowledgeable on the latest trends in technology.

Eric Johnson
Full Stack Developer

Eric (known by friends as Verb) is very passionate about web development and can design any style that clients and brands want. Like a scientist, he can mix together a multitude of properties to create a website that is uniquely awesome!

Amy Davis
Frontend & Wordpress Developer

Amy has over 13 years experience in front-end and WordPress CMS theme development. She specializes in building beautiful functional speedy and easily editable websites for clients all around the globe. There is no technical hurdle she can not overcome.

Our philosophy

To build lasting, meaningful relationships with our clients that create mutually beneficial results, we are all enthusiastic about what we do. We bring passion to each project and excel exceeding client expectations. We love what we do (even late-night, crunch time deadlines) and that’s why clients keep coming back.