Custom WordPress Services

We build WordPress websites!

Even if you don’t know what a WordPress website is, chances are you’ve seen one. An extremely popular platform for custom and theme-driven websites, WordPress makes it easy for you to create and manage the content for your own business or personal website.

But wait! There’s more!

Perhaps your needs are more specific; maybe you only need some minor edits to your content, or a widget-enabled area added to your site. We offer a variety of a la carte services for our customers that need just a little help getting it done.

  • Plugin Installation
  • Custom Widgets
  • Blog Integration
  • Custom Templates
  • Training
  • Hosting Migration
  • Updates
  • General Maintenance
  • Security Analysis
  • Backups
  • Traffic Reporting
  • Social Media Integration

If your specific need wasn’t listed, don’t worry, just let us know what your unique challenge is… chances are we can help you overcome it.

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